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I’m OK – You’re OK, We’re All Different

  • Center for Spiritual Life 4243 Manuela Avenue Palo Alto, CA, 94306 United States (map)

Transactional Analysis and the Enneagram

This program will focus on the area of transactional analysis (TA) concerned with the development of life scripts. We all make decisions early in life and then adopt behavior patterns that reinforce them. People use TA to recognize and change limiting decisions. How does this play out in the context of understanding your Enneagram type? After a brief introduction to TA’s developmental theory and the four basic life positions, we will explore how this may take place differently according to type.  Takeaways may include “aha’s” about events and relationships that shaped who you are today, as well as new strategies for living fully.

Program leader: Lucy Freedman, longtime Certified Transactional Analyst, psychotherapist, and student of many approaches to communication and change.

Lucy is past president of both the USA and International Transactional Analysis Associations. She currently serves as a corporate consultant and coach through her company, Syntax for Change.