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Kaizen Living

September 3rd Topic: “Wondering if your food is nutritious or how to eat more nutritious food? Ever wonder about portion sizes and would you like to learn more about portion control? Come learn about portions, nutrients and mindful eating at this Kaizen Living. If you have questions or there are topics you’d like to learn about feel free to email me at


A path to happiness and joy – taking the small steps leading to big changes. The barriers to change in our lives often feel too large to overcome. We try to overcome our habits and self-doubt in one big effort but when we fail, we only become discouraged.

            The path to real change usually occurs in small steps, in an ebb and flow process and with encouragement from others.  Kaizen Living is about taking small steps towards a healthy and happy lifestyle. It is about discovering and learning about advances in health sciences. It is about encouraging one another to follow our own individual paths – picking each other up when we stumble and cheering one another as we progress.

            The Kaizen Living module meets monthly on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM (beginning August 6, 2019) and is facilitated by Nan Kitaura.  Come join us as we seek our own path towards happiness and joy.