Two Upcoming Enneagram Classes

“The Enneagram and Conflict Resolution”

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 7:30 PM

Either at home or at work conflict arises during our interactions with friends, family and workmates.  During this worship, we will use our knowledge of the Enneagram to understand the nature of our different perspectives and how those differences can lead to conflict. Also, we will explore how to align perspectives, obtain resolution and minimize conflict in the future.


“The Enneagram and Interpersonal Relationships”

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 7:30 PM

We get to choose our friends, but not our family.  Why is it that we choose the friends we do?  How do we get along with those that we must?  This workshop explores the dynamics of interpersonal relationships through the lens of the Enneagram with the goal of strengthening and growing those relationships.

Terrific Beginning Enneagram Class

Enjoyed a terrific Beginning Enneagram class last night.  2 newbies came and 2 returned after a long absence from the Enneagram.  We had 3-Sevens so that made the discussion quite lively.  Roger mixed it up and saved the 2-3-4 for last.

One of the newcomers was a One, and he quickly and completely embraced his Oneness.  Often, Ones are skeptical, but this One got it right away.   Roger would start an anecdote, and the One completed the story without prompting – right on script.

When discussing the Sevens, Roger said that Sevens do not like to dwell on negativity or negative issues.  That was the only point the entire evening when the room became quiet – clearly this hit a resonance with the Sevens. Pivoting from that, the Sevens livened up again, and kept us all entertained.  Eventually, we “Landed the Plane.”

We ended discussing the Four.  The Four was represented by a highly self-aware Four who helped us understand that we can never understand.  A perfect note to end on – if you’re a Four!

Great evening– many thanks to everyone who participated and to Roger for leading a wonderful session.

Off to a great start!

Enneagram Studies at the Center for Spiritual Life if off to a great start!  The inaugural session was entitled "Enneagram and Spirituality."  We were fortunate to have a large group in which all the types were represented. We explored the relationship between the Enneagram and spirituality, and enjoyed hearing the perspective of that relationship from each of the types. 

The next session was entitled “The Positive Enneagram.”  Some people have mentioned that one of the aspects of studying the Enneagram they find off-putting is that it often dwells on the negative aspects of people’s types.  In this session we focused only on positive aspects.  Again the session was well attended and all the types were represented.  Each person was asked what they most appreciated about their particular type, and then we asked the group to chime in about what they appreciated about each type.   We shared many positive feelings and fascinating perspectives. 

The most recent session was entitled “Lines and Wings.”  In this session we focused on the dynamism of the Enneagram and how it models and predicts the variations in behavior that one experiences and/or observes of each Enneagram type.  One of the powerful aspects of the Enneagram as a tool is that it can explain a wide variety of behaviors of a person with a certain type.  These variations are driven by age, maturity, stress and threats, among others.  Of course, stress and threats can bring out negative behaviors and the group noted that.  We discussed how to recognize when those behaviors manifest in ourselves and in others, and how that awareness can help us address the root causes of those behaviors to help move back the positive aspects of our respective types.

I am very excited about our upcoming session in which we will discuss the relationship between the Enneagram and the Brain as described by Peter Savich in his book, Personality and the Brain.  We will describe the model that Peter developed and discuss its ramifications.  Peter himself will share his latest and greatest thinking on the subject and describe some of the experiments he is designing to prove his model.  This session will be held on Tuesday 9/29/15.  You will not want to miss it!

The Enneagram: Lines and Wings

On Thursday, July 30th at 7pm, participants will meet at CSL to discuss the "lines" and "wings" of the Enneagram. Unlike static personality systems, the Enneagram describes and predicts how each type will evolve or devolve according to one’s openness to growth or resistance to change. This dynamic quality of the Enneagram makes it an effective and powerful tool for understanding human relationship. In this workshop/discussion, Enneagram Studies director, Matt Schlegel, will explain the lines of integration/disintegration and the wing types of the Enneagram. The lines represent the movement through the interior of the Enneagram symbol while the wings represent the movement around the circle of the Enneagram. Come join us for this enlightening discussion of the Enneagram. 

Stay tuned for a post-workshop discussion in this forum!