The Enneagram: Lines and Wings

On Thursday, July 30th at 7pm, participants will meet at CSL to discuss the "lines" and "wings" of the Enneagram. Unlike static personality systems, the Enneagram describes and predicts how each type will evolve or devolve according to one’s openness to growth or resistance to change. This dynamic quality of the Enneagram makes it an effective and powerful tool for understanding human relationship. In this workshop/discussion, Enneagram Studies director, Matt Schlegel, will explain the lines of integration/disintegration and the wing types of the Enneagram. The lines represent the movement through the interior of the Enneagram symbol while the wings represent the movement around the circle of the Enneagram. Come join us for this enlightening discussion of the Enneagram. 

Stay tuned for a post-workshop discussion in this forum!