Terrific Beginning Enneagram Class

Enjoyed a terrific Beginning Enneagram class last night.  2 newbies came and 2 returned after a long absence from the Enneagram.  We had 3-Sevens so that made the discussion quite lively.  Roger mixed it up and saved the 2-3-4 for last.

One of the newcomers was a One, and he quickly and completely embraced his Oneness.  Often, Ones are skeptical, but this One got it right away.   Roger would start an anecdote, and the One completed the story without prompting – right on script.

When discussing the Sevens, Roger said that Sevens do not like to dwell on negativity or negative issues.  That was the only point the entire evening when the room became quiet – clearly this hit a resonance with the Sevens. Pivoting from that, the Sevens livened up again, and kept us all entertained.  Eventually, we “Landed the Plane.”

We ended discussing the Four.  The Four was represented by a highly self-aware Four who helped us understand that we can never understand.  A perfect note to end on – if you’re a Four!

Great evening– many thanks to everyone who participated and to Roger for leading a wonderful session.