Introduction to OM2

Rev. Roger and Lyn Ishizaki-Brown are seeking to recreate the OM experience with a new younger set of people.  This new group will be called “OM 2” We will be drawing from similar programs and activities but will also incorporate new ideas and energies unique to the OM 2 generation. 

OM 2 is off to a great start!  Already, OM 2 has already shared a variety of events and topics:  "Particle Fever", Mochitsuki and the Evolution of Food!, Hot Pot in Downtown Mountain View and visit to East West Bookstore, Taro and Tarot and Beginning Enneagram. 

Past OM2 Info and Events

Four years ago, Rev. Roger reached out to some young adults to start a new approach to spiritual exploration and social community. The process was fun and enlightening, and led to the creation of a fellowship group called OM (“Open Minds”).  OM  has explored a myriad of topics such as “New Physics and the Multiverse”, Astrology, Enneagram, Dream Theory, Energetic Tai Chi, Yoga and Psychic phenomenon to name a just a few.  OM also has held social activities such as paint night, ghost tours, hiking, dinners, and wine tasting.  OM continues to be a community of learning, sharing and growing together.  Currently, Jenna Yamaguma and Lauren Morimoto coordinate the OM group and activities. 

          The Open Minds 2 group is a college-age/post college aged young adult group that gathers to explore topics related to the intersections among science, art, culture, healing and spirituality.  It is a module of the Center for Spiritual Lifeand hosts most of its gatherings at the Aldersgate United Methodist Church. 

Explore, explore, explore…   Many of the topics will be brand new to most people so don’t feel the need to know anything nor feel the pressure to share. You can just come and soak it all in.  You can also suggest topics and ideas. We’re truly an “open minded” group.  

Early Start but…   The start time is early for some of you who are working but please feel free to come when you can. We’ll start with food and fellowship before moving to topics so again, come join us when you can get there.

          We are ramping up our summer – fall activities. I would like to personally invite you to join with us as we explore new ideas and concepts.  We will also be sharing food and fellowship as we explore.  Lyn Ishizaki-Brown will be coordinating the meals. (Lyn also helps with the planning and directing of OM2).



Past Events

Thursday, July 12, 2018– “Seeing Life as Spiritual”            Roger presented a new way of being spiritual than “believing in doctrines and dogma”. Seeing our life itself as the spiritual practice is more personal and healing. Roger will also be introducing Angel Cards to help us create narratives in our lives that may provide insight to our lives. 


Thursday, July 26, 2018

6:00 PM – “Spiritual Science”

            Spirituality is beginning to be viewed as a process rather than a belief system.  This spiritual process may even be seen as a natural science.  We will explore how some of “this” works. Roger will introduce the group to the Spirit Science website. 

Thursday, August 9, 2018

6:00 PM – “Jung and Tarot Cards”

            Roger will lead a presentation on the famous Psychoanalyst, Jung, and his interest in Tarot. Roger will explain the history of tarot cards and share how they are used to provide insight into one’s life.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

7:00 PM – “Money and Spirituality”

            Our society highly values money to the degree we as individuals often see our own self-worth only in terms of money. We will look at this phenomenon from a broader view. Roger will also share different views on the economy and how we may be transforming how we understand how money works in society – or how society may work with a different view of money.