A New Beginning - OM 2

Four years ago, Rev. Roger reached out to some young adults to start a new approach to spiritual exploration and social community. The process was fun and enlightening, and led to the creation of a fellowship group called OM (“Open Minds”).  OM  has explored a myriad of topics such as “New Physics and the Multiverse”, Astrology, Enneagram, Dream Theory, Energetic Tai Chi, Yoga and Psychic phenomenon to name a just a few.  OM also has held social activities such as paint night, ghost tours, hiking, dinners, and wine tasting.  OM continues to be a community of learning, sharing and growing together.  Currently, Jenna Yamaguma and Lauren Morimoto coordinate the OM group and activities. 

Kickoff - December 2017

Rev. Roger and Lyn Ishizaki-Brown are seeking to recreate the OM experience with a new younger set of people.  This new group will be called “OM 2” We will be drawing from similar programs and activities but will also incorporate new ideas and energies unique to the OM 2 generation. 

OM 2 is off to a great start!  Already, OM 2 has already shared a variety of events and topics:  "Particle Fever", Mochitsuki and the Evolution of Food!, Hot Pot in Downtown Mountain View and visit to East West Bookstore, Taro and Tarot and Beginning Enneagram. 

Upcoming OM 2 Events

Sunday, April 15th 5:00 PM - "Gyoza Party".  The myriad ways to savor gyoza!

Sunday, April 29th, 5:00 PM - Dinner in Japantown and the SF Ghost Tour!  We'll meet for dinner in Japantown - then walk a few blocks for an evening of fun as we take the Ghost Tour. After many years, Jim Fassbinder has retired. The tour is now led by a Christian Cagigal. Come join us to this new tour with the new OM 2 group!